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gps tracker manufacturers in china

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Update time : 2020-03-17 18:00:24

gps tracker manufacturers in china

Shenzhen i365-Tech Co.,Limited

Specialized in GPS Trackers
Shenzhen i365-Tech Co. Limited is a professional enterprise engaged in developing and manufacturing GPS trackers, mini GPS trackers and kid’s GPS watch trackers with advanced technology. We provide OEM services and our excellent products are lauded by a list of overseas customers, especially in North America and Western Europe.
Holding Product Design Patent
Our products have private and exclusive mold owned by us, we own the product design patents, there is no any other manufacturer that has the exactly the same product as ours. We can control the distribution channel pricings, so if you cooperate with us, you can enjoy higher benefit margin in your country.
Owning GPS Platform and GPS App
Developed by our technical teams, we have stable GPS platform, which is experienced in many countries, such as Russia, the US, Germany, France and more.
Accurate and Faster GPS Positioning 
By cooperating with MTK, our technical team developed GPS locator which can get GPS signal as soon as 0.1 second, the latest MTK2503 chip can offer faster positioning.
High Performance in Network Signal Level 
Our GPS locators can reach 25dB signal level, while some cheap products in the GPS market can only reach 20dB. This good signal performance could offer customer more powerful voice monitoring support, and better GPS positioning.
Excellent Workmanship 
By spray painting, UV processing and vacuum coating, various customers feel our GPS locator with high end effect.
Now, our factory covers an area of over 1,500 square meters. We have around 200 production workers and four production lines, thus we can maintain a monthly capacity of over 40,000 units.
We attached the top priority to products' quality. We carry out every QC procedure stringently and conduct production strictly.
In the future, i365 Technology will continue to head its goal of providing products with high stability and high performance/price ratio, and offering customers and partners the most competitive solutions and services.
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Our products own Chinese national appearance design patent, for example ( as following ) T58, A9, T8, you can see our patents in this website, we are currently recruiting distributors in worldwide area.